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Nowadays digital technologies surround us in any life sphere. Portable computers, pocket screens, laptops, other devices should work correctly to ensure users with full capabilities set. Useful applications paired with helpful programs appear in your smartphones, PCs, tablets. But it's worth noting that new software installed:

  • adds trash;
  • overloads operation system;
  • may contain viruses, bugs, dangerous elements. 

IT-specialists recommend cleaning telephones and similar technology items by means of special tools. CCleaner's meant as such soft-product for OS restoration. It assures technique units’ consistent performance at the first try.

CCleaner for Windows – all principal advantages

Clients could download CCleaner portable soft free-of-charge. Provider offers a few pricing plans including free service package. This particular standard one provides key options. Among them are:

  • efficient removal process;
  • data monitoring;
  • regular updates possibility.

         Useless files removing gives an opportunity to make devices faster. Consumers can download CCleaner portable that’s required XP, Vista paired with WIN MS-DOS (10th, 8.1, 8th, 7th versions). Additionally, there’re special mobile & MAC APPs.

Detailed review – CCleaner’s capabilities

         Internet-users may count on fresh maintenance releases by CCleaner for Windows 10, MacBook, Android, IPhone, etc. Last one appeared not long ago – version 5.63 is ready for usage. Two price plans are available:

  1. Free – could be downloaded on the official website. Application contains removal, system-control and rejuvenation abilities.
  2. Professional – comprises real-time monitoring, scheduled garbage determination, automatic updates.

Everything about PROF trial

         2-weeks tryout-version could be considered an optimal way have customers try PROF functionality charge-free. Then everyone may decide – continue using premium package or standard service range will be enough.

Additional tools & hot offers to take into account

         Having selected paid package-deal, potential buyer gets profitable suggestion – purchase four PC-optimizations at once. Besides CCleaner-PRO, each willing client receives extra helpful features cost-free:

  • Defraggler-PRO – makes hard disk operates faster;
  • Recuva-PRO – deleted files recovery;
  • Speccy-PRO – hardware-monitoring frills.

         This offer will suit PC-user who plan maintaining three computers together. Do not refuse your safety brass ring represented by CCleaner-support.