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The successful project of the British Virgin Islands is very popular among netizens for its well-regarded virtual private network set of services. A lot of users worldwide aspire to try EXpressVPN, download the helpful software to protect their personal data, get the unlimited connection and other privileges. This ExpressVPN review contains all the key feature of the leading VPN services provider with the main PROS and CONS of the application highlighted. The main task is to understand if the first-rank virtual private network apps live up to the excellent Express VPN reputation.

ExpressVPN com peculiarities – positive and negative aspects all-in-one

The users worldwide aspire to get the Express VPN free review with an unbiased estimate of the provider functionality to count on. So here the helpful description of the main possibilities is presented for interested people in qualitative VPN service. Express VPN subscription could vary in the price, refund terms, and other aspects. It is worth noticing that the plans are not the cheapest – there are other providers with lower costs. The monthly service package equals to 12,95 $. But the company tries to run different special deals for users:
  • The last sale provides 15 months’ subscription with 3 free months as well;
  • The 6 months’ plan paid at a time will reduce the cost per month up to 6,66 $.
The key feature of the Express VPN facilities is the wide range of options to choose. All the capabilities are performed on the main site, review of the most important is below:
  1. Desktops private networks for Windows, Mac, Linux;
  2. IOS and Android variants;
  3. Browser extensions options;
  4. Additional tools (leak tests, password generator, etc.).

 The main positive sides

The active Internet users are able to count on the fast server network speeds and user-friendly apps to select. The VPN provider guarantees high-level encryption and security without leaks to happen. Among the sizable CONS is the round the clock technical support in terms of the live chat. Other positive aspects to mention are the following:
  • No logs concept;
  • Huge variety of servers;
  • Netflix support and safe streaming opportunities;
  • Split tunneling option, etc.
Each consumer could decide himself which row of options to get. ExpressVPN review is also impossible without negative features to name. Nevertheless, there is a small number of CONS to mention.

The negative sides

The most quantity of users name the expensive pricing plans as the main CONS of the Express VPN service. One more weak side to take into account – the low level of the provider transparency. Consumers want to get more information about the company. But both these aspects do not have a direct impact on the customers’ data security quality. The company is notable with the high-grade operation provided and consumers’ positive feedbacks.