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  VLC Media Player - Download our Award Winning Multi-Media Player Software for Free!

Why Download VLC Player?

VLC Media Player is a free Open-Source Multimedia player freely available for you to download and use. VLC Player is the only Media Player you will ever need to download! It can play any video or file format without the need to download additional codecs, and best off all its 100% free!

VLC Player Technology

VLC Player is not only free but also features very clever technology. Ever seen those error messages telling you that you need to download additional codecs or that the file format is not supported? VLC will not complain and will not require any additional codecs. That's clever technology.

Find, Share, Enjoy

VLC Player includes a complete streaming server. Rather than getting your family and friends to download the file again, with VLC Player, you can stream your download content in real-time from one computer to another as long as both contain the VLC Media Player Software.

VLC Media Player Features

Download VLC Player today and never have the need for another Media Player! VLC Player features fully customizable toolbars, Customizable Skins, Advanced Graphical User Interface, DVD Burner, Multimedia Converter, Streaming Server and much much more.

Supported Formats

VLC Player can play just about anything, it features over 250 Audio & Video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, DivX, Quicktime, DV, Real, MP3, DVD, Ogg, WMA, TTA, AAC... No need to Download any more codecs!

Express Yourself

VLC Media Player is highly customizable. Don't like the look of the media player? VLC Player has over 100 interchangeable skins for you to choose from for you to personalize the look and feel of your media player.


You can download and use VLC Media Player on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. VLC is free to download, free to use, and does not require registration. Download VLC Player Free Today!

Download & Installation VLC Player

After you download the VLC Player setup file, Double Click vlcsetup.exe and the automated installation procedure will begin. VLC Media Player is now installed and ready for you to use.

VLC Downloads

VLC is an open source media player that handles DVDs, (S)VCD, Audio CDs, web streams, TV cards and more. Downloading VLC means that you never have to worry about updating a variety of codecs again. VLC can even play back damaged media.

What are you waiting for? Download VLC now!

VLC Media Player is your free open-source multimedia solution that plays most multimedia files and DVD’s, audio CD and various streaming protocols. This cross-platform multimedia player is compatible with most operating systems including Linux, Windows, and other OS operating systems. While VLC Media Player has many advanced features, its simplified style makes it a suitable program for the average computer user as well. VLC offers its users unique features not found in other traditional media players. One unique feature is the VLC Skin Editor. This application gives designers an easy opportunity to create customized skins for their VLC Media Player. Also, the VLC media player recently added the VideoLAN Movie Creator. This application is editing software designed for video creation that allows Youtube to upload integration. The VideoLAN Team encourages you to download VLC and visit this site often to learn about the most recent projects VLC media is working on!

Why You Should Have VLC Media Player Download?

Media players are important devices when it comes to entertainment more so in the audio and video industry. With the current world, however, new ideas have been revamped into the market thus taking the whole entertainment industry to a whole new level. VLC media player download is an important device when it comes to the entertainment; this is attributed to the fact that this device does not require so much stuff to function. There are no additional add-ons or downloads that are required so as to utilize the services of this player, this makes it effective and much to use. What makes this player more common and a must have is that it is free of charge. What you only need to do is to have access to the VLC website and download it for free. There are no restrictions on downloading this device; this also contributes to its massive use all over the world. Having a portable media player has not been the case in the previous years, this is, however, the VLC media player is portable, and this makes it easy to listen and watch your favorite video on this machine at any given time and place as long as you have installed it in your machine. More so, the VLC player acts as a storage device thus you can be able to store all sorts of music and video in it and also access various online streaming channels more easily. Unlike other media players, VLC media player download is easy to use, this happens in that all you need is to drag your audio or video the VLC media and it will automatically play. You can also download media files from the internet and that you can view whatever you are downloading, this is unique in that it gives the chance to ascertain if it is what you intended to download. With this device, your machine is free from viruses, this is because it does not support any other add-ons or devices thus it is independent. More interestingly, you do not need the use of CDs or VCD or even DVD so as to listen to your preferred music or video. In case you have this player, all you need is to update it often for great services.  

VLC Player Download Process

If you are crazy to watch video clips of the latest music albums, you will have to choose VLC player download tool for getting better picture quality and clear sound. If you are a music lover, you need to use this high-quality VLC player download scheme for bringing perfection to your entertainment program. Are you afraid how to operate a VLC player? It is very easy to deal with. You are exempted from downloading Codec or any other specially designed software tool for the activation of VLC player. It is very fast and equipped with sophisticated tools. You can operate this VLC player at your convenience. After installing this superb and user-friendly VLC video-based system, you can watch different sorts of entertainment programs with your family members. There is no necessity to select VDR or online You-tube/podcast or any special display unit for watching entertainment programs. VLC player can perform with DVD. It replaces an ordinary media player. You can watch old and new video clips and other entertainment shows via this sophisticated display unit which is standard and high in quality. With the help of this VLC player, you can even activate old and incomplete unedited Torrent video clips. The soundtrack is really marvelous. There are numerous VLC skins and you can choose the right skin from a wide range of collection. The best part of the web-based VLC display unit is that you can download it free of cost. There are many sites which are available free of cost. Just log at these well-known sites and check their terms and conditions. You should read the download guidelines for conducting the installation process competently. VLC tool is available for anyone who wants to spend his free time watching movies and music albums. This sophisticated display system has become very popular among teens. It provides absolutely hassle-free service without charging any dime. You should know that VLC has caught the international market within a short p of time. People are not required to opt for any specially designed add-on tool or software for activating this newly launched video based accessory. Even, it can play damaged music album and video fantastically. You with your sweetheart can enjoy weekends or vacation by watching hot movies and videos via this ultramodern VLC accessory. In this regard, you must check different feedbacks written by experts and previous customers. Without wasting your time you need to upgrade your computer installing VLC system for getting non-stop fun and amusement.

What Makes VLC Media Player Such a Great Piece of Software?

The VLC Media Player has long been one of my favorite media players for videos, in part because of its ease of use and its wide support for popular video formats out of the box, without the need to download codecs. By default, VLC Media player is set up to play most videos you find on the Internet, as well as DVDs and music files. Many other media players, such as Windows Media Player, require you to download codecs for each type of video file that you want to play. Some examples include Xvid Files and DivX files, which are two popular formats used to display videos on the computer. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways of getting viruses is to download codecs, so the fact that VLC will play so many different types of videos by default is not only a matter of convenience but also helps reduce the risk of infecting the computer with a virus. The other main advantage of the VLC Media Player is that it is very easy to use, even for those who are not very technical. It has a simple design that is easy to understand, yet it is incredibly powerful, much more so than most other Commercial Media Players. VLC, which is developed by the VideoLAN Project, is also cross-platform, meaning it will work just as well on Linux as it does on Windows or Mac. VLC is also open source, which means that the programming code used to create it can be downloaded, read, edited, and updated by anyone who cares to, which is an important learning tool and can also help with security.

A Brief Background

VLC has first developed 14 years ago, in 1996, and was intended to work as a client to play video files on a remote server. As such, originally there was a VideoLan Server and a VideoLan Client, with the goal being for the student creators to be able to stream videos from a server to their television. Today, the functions of the VideoLan Server have been assimilated into the VideoLan Client, which is where it gets its name, VLC. By 2001, the creators of VLC were, after much debate, convinced that releasing the source code of VLC under a GPL License, which is stands for General Public License, and within months people from all over the world began contributing to the project. After only 6 months, VLC had been ported to Windows, so people using the Microsoft Operating System could take advantage of the powerful, yet lightweight media player.

So Why VLC

Aside from the massive out of the box support that is offered by VLC, it really comes down to ease of use. A video player should not need to be a complicated beast to master, nor should it need to be a resource hog, but so many of the common commercial media players are not designed with this in mind. VLC, on the other hand, is intended to be easy to use and be great at what it does.