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uTorrent is hands down the best torrent software available on the internet today. When using uTorrent, the three words that come to mind are easy to use. The good news for uTorrent is that ease of use is by far the most important feature in a torrent client. Nearly all users who are looking to try uTorrent are looking for a simple program that will download the torrents that they want. The users aren't looking for some program like Photoshop that will give you a nearly unlimited number of features. Users just want a torrent program that is quick and easy to use. That is where uTorrent shines. Looking past the ease of use, there are other additional features that make uTorrent an even more attractive option for downloading torrents, and while many users may never bother with these features, they are still important to include. These features include RSS support, a downloader schedule, and even detailed statistics relating to your bandwidth usage. These statistics are especially important for those who may face some sort of bandwidth cap from their internet service provider. Finally, it's also worth noting that uTorrent includes a torrent search bar, which will help users in locating the torrents that they want. One additional aspect of uTorrent that I would like to emphasize is the file size which is next to nothing. In fact, the installation file is just a little over 1mb. In addition, when you use the client, you will find that it rarely uses over 10MB of RAM. This light-as-a-feather type of performance is what you would expect with any program that is easy to use, and it's no different with uTorrent. In closing, there really is no better torrent client on the market. uTorrent does everything you need a torrent client to do, and it does so in a way that's quick, easy, and in a non-intrusive way. If only more software creators would take notice and follow the example that uTorrent has set.

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