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PDF is a fast-rising document format in the world today. It's not just about commonality and availability that sets this document format apart from the lot, but also the simple encoding structure it has. What do we mean by simple encoding structure? It means that a PDF file is easily copied and is easily transferred from one computer to another or from one person to another. And in our world today, being able to share quickly is truly advantageous. However, simple a PDF file format may sound, it also has special qualities and encoding structures, that is why you need a specific PDF reading program to be able to open a PDF document or file. But with the availability of PDF formats around the world, you do not need to spend some cash just to have that software that reads a PDF file. Just go to the internet and you will see what I am talking about. The internet has numerous websites you can visit that offer a Free Download PDF Reader program. Yes, it is virtually free, and it is a complete version, not a trial one. And yes, you do not need to purchase an Adobe PDF reader as there are many companies now that came up with their own PDF reader. Below is a list of websites you can go to, to get that Free download PDF Reader program. I'm sure you'll love them, When it comes to PDF reading software., this is probably the best site that I can recommend to you that you go to. It provides a lot of options for you and the best thing about them is that all of the downloadable installers are free. In here you will see a wide array of PDF reading programs like Adobe, Inxia, Imax, and even the newly released Proctor. And we reiterate, they are all free, and 100% legal. This is another great site for those people who would want to have their very own PDF reader program. Aside from having a good list of PDF reading software, the site also boasts of add-on applications that go well with your chosen PDF reading software. Applications like Fact-Finder for Adobe and Reticence for Imax, are very much available in this site and will make your PDF viewing experience even more special and even more surreal. The software they offer are few, but what stands out on this site is their impeccable customer service. If you have problems with your downloads, the administration readily answers your problems and queries.